#136 – “Wonder Woman” (2017) w/ Rachel Riendeau Hayes

The wife has returned! First time back on the podcast since “Ghostbusters”, Rachel Riendeau Hayes joins Lincoln and Tim to talk about “Wonder Woman“, in theaters now.

Or should we say in theaters WOW.

SPOILERS! But seriously, go see it already.

Also discussed are “The Keepers”, “La Dolce Vita”, a recent trip abroad, and Tim has a cold! But he uses Cold-EEZE.

Cold EEZE: ease that cold, why don’t ya?

Check out Rachel with Slinky Says Relax next Thursday, June 15 at 7:30 pm at the Vermont Comedy Club, then the next night, Friday, June 16, go see the podcast LIVE at 6:30 pm in the classroom! That one is FREEEEEEE!

Thank you as always to Battleship PretensionΒ for not throwing us overboard yet!



New Episode of the WTH Are You Watching?! Podcast


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