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The Future is Now! – Total Recall (1990)

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scienceScience fiction is fun. It’s a glimpse into the future: space travel, teleportation, self-driving cars, button-fly jeans; all these wonderful things that “could be” brought to life by creative writers and artists to make us all say, “Oooo, neat!”
As time rolls on and technology improves, we’ve started seeing more and more “Future Technology” become part of the real world. And we have movies largely to thank for it.


10 Reasons Why Being an Actor is Both Great and Awful

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1. It’s fun to pretend. Like, the most fun

2. Bring words to life is exhilarating and magical (even more so when they’re your own words)

3. Creating a living, breathing person out of only an idea and ink on paper is one of the greatest and most rewarding things you can do besides being a parent (I’m guessing)

4. Watching someone or an audience react to your performance – tears, screams, or laughter – makes all the hard work, long hours, and lost sleep worth it

5. Applause feels pretty damn great


1. It’s really, really hard work unless you’re already famous or just plain lucky

2. Most of the work you do is awful and embarrassing, but you did it for the credit or to meet one person involved in the project only to find that they are actually a dick and you don’t want to work with them ever again

3. No one will see what you do unless you are famous or know someone famous to share it with their famous friends

4. It’s really, really, really easy to give up

5. Despite all the love, hard work, and countless hours of your life, the job ends and you have to work your ass off all over again for the next one

So, what do you do?

You just keep trying.

See you at the next open call.

Current projects

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I’ve been busy since we got back from the honeymoon. Kinda wanted to see it all written out, so here goes.

Today, I finished the first draft of season 2 of Boyfriend Training. Last week, I finished another draft of episode three of Adapting. I started working on a new project with Rachel, and am finishing up an editing project I started back in October. Before the honeymoon, I finished another draft of my most recent play and submitted it to a company in New Jersey, as well as several friends who have offered to read it and offer notes. I sent another short screenplay around for notes before the holiday and am waiting to hear back from my director friend if he’s interested. And finally, I started writing for a parenting website in November.

Whew. I guess I can’t blame myself for wanting the next two days off… Please follow my blog for more updates and like my production page on Facebook. Also, if you are a musician and would like to submit a song for season 2 of Boyfriend Training, please contact me! Always looking to collaborate!

Happy New Year!


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