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In Acting, Blogging, Lincoln Hayes Productions, Movies on April 8, 2014 at 11:16 am

Screenshot 1Last night we had our first night of shooting and, boy oh boy, it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone was on the top of the game, from the actors to my awesome director Neil getting amazing performances from everyone, to Duane our DP getting great shots and Brian our sound guy, booming all over town.
We did have to reschedule one actress because of her work, but were able to pick up Neil’s scene that we planned to shoot on the next night shoot, so that actually worked out great. I’m going to spend most of the day naming, cutting, and syncing footage and audio and I anticipate having most of the footage in a rough cut before we shoot again on April 26th. Check out my Facebook and Instagram for pictures from set.
It was so much fun and I can’t wait to shoot the next two chunks. I also hope I can continue to work with Neil and Duane as their schedules permit on future projects and I’ve DEFINITELY assembled the best cast possible. You know it’s good when the scenes that were written to be funny in the editing are also funny on their own.
I’ll have screenshots and photos to share throughout and you better believe they’ll be a gag reel.
Get excited!

Read this and tell me if I’m crazy

In About Me on March 12, 2014 at 12:14 am

Every so often on Tuesdays, a group of Upper West Side “business women” come into my work, have A drink and maybe food, and leave by 6:30 on the dot. The last time they came in, one of them left without paying so I asked another member of the group to settle the check. She said she “didn’t even know the woman” and refused to pay. The total was $3.27. Based on her clothing and gaudy jewelry, bitch could afford it.

So they come in again tonight, and I spoke to the coordinator of the group and told her what had happened. She also said it wasn’t her responsibility to make sure people paid, specifically saying, “I’m not doing that.” I rephrased and asked that “we all work together to make sure everyone pays before they leave” – for her event – at 6:30. She was very snippy with me for the remainder of the time they were there. She even make a “joke” by saying, “Oh, now you expect me to pay for my HUSBAND['s beer] too?” while signing her check. I laughed my “I want your face to catch fire” laugh, and went about my job.

Am I crazy to ask the person who coordinates a group outing of wealthy adults to make sure her people, whom she invited to this place, have the basic cognitive functionality to pay for what they ordered?

They also thought it was insanely foreign that I asked for and kept credit cards to start tabs. “Well, I’ve never heard of that…” Really? Have you ever been to a bar before? No? Oh, right. Jarvis brings you your white wine spritzer in the sitting room. My mistake.

Are you in SAG-AFTRA? You can join AEA. And it’s not a secret.

In Acting on March 6, 2014 at 11:39 am

I joined Actors’ Equity Association last week in a way that I thought at the time was super-secret and only members knew about. Turns out, it’s right there on the website!

I had known, both from my time working for AEA and what I had learned about the union in college, that the way you got into Equity was by getting an Equity contract, meaning getting cast in a show and being offered a piece of paper to sign saying they’d pay you to do it. The coveted “brass ring” for stage actors. Then get all the perks and the magic and chorus girls and champagne…! So anyway, the only way to get a contract, is to get hired from an audition. And a lot of times, the only way to audition is to already be in the union. It’s a bit of a catch-22, but there are ways to do it. Perseverance mostly, or a willingness to travel out of town and audition locally for regional shows. But there’s also another way. 


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